Become part of Windows 11 Launch Event (Live Stream & Updates ) on 24th Jun.

Image Source : Microsoft

There is an exclusive event of Microsoft scheduled on 24th Jun 2021. After five years, Microsoft is probably launching a new Next generation version of the operating system likely called Windows 11. A screenshot of leaked upcoming Windows 11 was posted on Baidu website last week and Microsoft also Posted 11 minute teases about windows on their YouTube channel.

Become part of the Windows 11 Launch Event (Live Stream & Updates ) on 24th Jun and add your calendar reminder from the below link.

Microsoft Windows Event – Watch the June 24 LIVE stream

We can sense that Microsoft is going to update about their new operating system on 24th Jun. As per the leaked screenshot here are some of the significant changes that have been seen in the upcoming Microsoft Windows 11 operating system.

  • The new Windows 11 has a revamped windows user interface.
  • A newly redesigned start menu appears in the center.
  • Enhanced taskbar. 
  • The logo is now with a rounded corner. 
  • The file explorer had a redesign Icon.

Stay tune for the latest update.